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Screen Time Standoffs: Navigating Tech Time with Your Teen ASD Son

Hey there, amazing mums of the Aspie Whisperer tribe! Today, we’re diving into the world of screen time standoffs with your teen ASD son. We’ll explore how to navigate these tricky situations with patience, understanding, and maybe even a touch of humour.

Understanding the Meltdown

When you tell your teen son to get off his computer, it might trigger a meltdown because he’s deeply engrossed in his activity and sudden changes can be challenging for ASD individuals. Understanding this can help you approach the situation with empathy.

Setting Clear Expectations

Establish clear rules and expectations around screen time. Let your son know how long he can use his computer and what activities are allowed. This can help reduce resistance when it’s time to turn off the screen.

Transitioning Strategies

Help your son transition from screen time to other activities smoothly. Use visual cues or timers to indicate when screen time will end, and offer choices for what he can do next to make the transition less abrupt.

Creating a Screen Time Schedule

Work together with your son to create a schedule that includes designated screen time and other activities. This can help him understand when it’s appropriate to use his computer and when it’s time to do something else.

Exploring Alternative Activities

Encourage your son to engage in alternative activities that he enjoys. This could be playing a game, going for a walk, or doing a sensory activity. Finding activities that he finds enjoyable can make it easier for him to step away from the screen.

Seeking Professional Advice

If meltdowns persist or are severe, consider seeking advice from a healthcare provider or therapist who specializes in ASD. They can provide additional strategies and support tailored to your son’s needs.

Maintaining Flexibility

While it’s important to set limits on screen time, it’s also important to be flexible. There may be times when your son needs extra time on his computer for schoolwork or to unwind. Finding a balance that works for your family is key.

Staying Connected

Stay connected with your son and show interest in his online activities. This can help you better understand his world and find common ground to discuss screen time limits.

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