More Than a Mirror: Navigating Body Image in ASD Teen Girls

Body Image

In a world that often zooms in on looks and weight, guiding our ASD teen girls through the maze of body image can feel like navigating a tricky bushwalk.

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Finding Balance: Supporting Your ASD Teen Daughter through Unhealthy Attachments

understanding social boundaries

Discovering that your ASD teen daughter has been exhibiting stalking behaviors can be both unsettling and confusing. This article aims to navigate these choppy waters with empathy, understanding, and

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Steering the Path: Guiding ASD Teen Boys Away from Unhealthy Behaviors

addressing stalking

Discovering that your ASD teen son has been involved in stalking behaviors can be worrying and challenging. Let’s navigate these turbulent waters together, focusing on understanding, guidance, and positive

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Understanding the Line: Guiding ASD Teen Boys Through Fixation and Social Interactions

ASD teen social behaviour

Navigating the world of social interactions with your ASD teen boy can sometimes be as complex as solving a Rubik’s cube. Let’s explore how to guide them through understanding

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Unraveling the Tangle: Addiction, Fixation, and Obsession in ASD Teens

understanding fixation,

Are you sometimes befuddled by your teen’s intense interests and habits? Let’s shed some light on the differences between addiction, fixation, and obsession with a bit of mum humour

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Fixation or Addiction? Deciphering Your ASD Teen Boy’s Habits

Video Obsession

Ever caught yourself wondering if your ASD teen boy’s intense interest in something is just a passing phase or something more? Let’s dive into the world of obsession and

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Obsessed or Addicted? Unraveling the Tangles for ASD Teen Girls

Obsession and Addiction

Are you ever curious whether your ASD teen girl’s intense interest is a charming quirk or something to keep a closer eye on? Let’s journey through the nuances of

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Dial Down the Screen Time: A Mum’s Guide to Managing Mobile Addiction in ASD Girls

Mobile Phone Addiction

In today’s always-connected world, managing your ASD teen girl’s mobile phone use can feel like navigating a maze with moving walls. But worry not! We’re here with humour and

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Logged In But Not Zoned Out: A Mum’s Guide to ASD Boys and Social Media

Social Media Addiction

Are you wondering how to navigate the digital jungle of social media with your ASD teen boy? Let’s embark on this journey with a light-hearted touch, a heap of

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Hashtag Help: Guiding Your ASD Girl Through Social Media’s Maze

Social Media Addiction

Are you grappling with your ASD teen’s love affair with social media? Let’s navigate this modern labyrinth together with some good ol’ mum wisdom, a sprinkle of humour, and

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