Digital Buddies: Navigating the World of Online Friendships for ASD Kids

Engaging with online friends

In today’s digital age, friendships aren’t just forged in the playground; they’re blossoming in the virtual world too! Let’s dive into the pixelated paradise of online friendships and discover

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When BFFs Drift: Navigating the Tides of Childhood Friendships

mother with her teenage daughter

Hello, lovely mums of the Aspie Whisperer family! Today, we’re tackling a topic as inevitable as Vegemite on toast – the ebb and flow of childhood friendships. Yes, it’s

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Teen Ties: Mastering the Maze of Adolescent Friendships

diverse world of teenage friendships

Hello, fantastic mums of the Aspie Whisperer community! Today, we’re diving into the thrilling, sometimes bewildering world of teenage friendships. Ah, adolescence – that magical time when our little

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Social Smarts: Guiding Our ASD Kiddos Through the Dance of Friendship

ASD social cues

Today, we’re diving into the art of friendship and the subtle ballet of social cues – a dance that can sometimes feel more like a breakdance battle for our

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Playdate Perfection: Crafting Joyful Connections for Our ASD Kiddos

Play Date

Hey there, fabulous mums of the Aspie Whisperer community! Let’s chat about a topic that’s close to our hearts – playdates! These little social gatherings are more than just

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Love in the Time of ASD: A Mum’s Guide to Teen Dating

ASD teen dating

Ready to navigate the choppy waters of ASD teen dating? Don’t worry, it’s not about setting sail on the Titanic. Let’s explore this journey with a mix of humour,

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Friendship Flourishing: A Guide to Nurturing Social Connections for Your Teenage ASD Child Navigating the Social Landscape with Confidence


As your Aspie child transitions into adolescence, social connections become increasingly important for their emotional well-being and overall development. While forming friendships can present unique challenges for individuals with

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