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Logged In But Not Zoned Out: A Mum’s Guide to ASD Boys and Social Media

Are you wondering how to navigate the digital jungle of social media with your ASD teen boy? Let’s embark on this journey with a light-hearted touch, a heap of understanding, and a smidge of Aussie flair (but not too much, we promise)!

The Social Media Maze: For our ASD boys, social media can be a labyrinth of endless content, connections, and challenges. It’s a bit like a video game, but with real-world impacts.

1. Understanding the Attraction: Social media offers an appealing virtual space for our teens, where social interactions can feel more manageable. It’s a world where ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ might seem easier than face-to-face chats.

2. Setting Boundaries: Establish healthy limits for social media use. It’s like setting up the rules for a game – it needs to be fair, clear, and consistent.

3. Encouraging Offline Activities: Promote a balance between screen time and real-world activities. Whether it’s sport, music, or just a walk in the park, offline time is crucial.

4. Open Conversations: Keep the lines of communication open. Discuss the good, the bad, and the meme-ugly of social media.

5. Online Safety First: Educate them about online safety and privacy. It’s the digital equivalent of ‘look both ways before crossing the street’.

6. Positive Online Presence: Guide your teen in creating a positive digital footprint. It’s about being a digital good guy, not a keyboard warrior.

7. Recognizing Unhealthy Signs: Be alert to signs of social media addiction or cyberbullying. A change in behavior can be a red flag.

8. The Role of Role Models: Encourage positive online role models. It’s about following people who inspire, not just entertain.

9. Tech-Free Zones: Implement tech-free times or zones in the house. Sometimes, the best connections are the ones we make face-to-face.

10. Building Real-Life Social Skills: Use social media as a tool to discuss and develop real-life social skills. It’s about translating those online interactions into the real world.

Conclusion: Mums, steering your ASD teen through the social media world is no easy feat, but with a bit of guidance, humor, and empathy, you can help your boy navigate this digital terrain like a pro. Together, you can ensure that he’s logged in but not zoned out!

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