Busting Autism Myths

Busting Autism Myths: A Mum’s Guide to the Truths

Welcome to our myth-busting session about Autism. With so many myths out there, let’s set the record straight with a touch of humor and a lot of heart!

  1. Affection Myth: “Autistic children don’t show affection.” Incorrect! They might just have their special way of showing love.
  2. Genius Myth: “All Autistic kids are geniuses in maths or art.” Nope. They have diverse talents and interests, just like anyone else.
  3. Parenting Myth: “Autism is caused by poor parenting.” Absolutely not. Autism is a neurological condition, not a result of parenting styles.
  4. Emotion Myth: “Autistic children don’t understand emotions.” They do! They might just process and respond differently.
  5. Phase Myth: “Autism can be outgrown.” It’s a lifelong journey, not just a phase.
  6. Social Myth: “Autistic children don’t want to make friends.” They often do! Making friends might just be more challenging.
  7. Communication Myth: “If they don’t speak, they don’t understand.” Many non-verbal autistic individuals understand quite a lot and may communicate in other ways.
  8. Behavior Myth: “Autistic behaviors should be stopped.” Many behaviors are coping mechanisms or ways of expression.
  9. Cure Myth: “There is a cure for Autism.” There’s no cure, but there are many ways to support and understand Autistic individuals.
  10. Isolation Myth: “Autistic children prefer to be alone.” They may need alone time but also value companionship and love.

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Note: Always consult with a professional when implementing new strategies or tools for you or your child.

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