Hormone Puzzle

The Hormone Labyrinth: Guiding Your ASD Teen Through Puberty

Let’s tackle a topic that’s as unavoidable as laundry – puberty, with its unique twists when your child has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Imagine navigating a labyrinth, but instead of walls, it’s hormones, and your map is written in a language you’re still learning!

Puberty is like a rollercoaster for any teen, but for our ASD kids, the ups and downs can be more intense. It’s not just about mood swings; it’s about sensory sensitivities meeting hormonal surges. Suddenly, your child might find their favorite shirt feels like sandpaper, or their usual dinner tastes like it’s from another planet.

Communication becomes key. It’s less about giving lectures and more about being an understanding confidant. Your child might not understand all the changes happening, and let’s be honest, sometimes neither do we! It’s about being there, through the awkward talks and the silent moments, letting them know it’s okay to feel all these new feelings.

Remember, amidst all this, self-care is essential – both for you and your child. Find those moments of calm, whether it’s a shared hobby or a quiet cup of tea, to recharge and reconnect.

Navigating puberty with ASD is not just a phase; it’s an opportunity to strengthen your bond with your child and to help them understand and embrace the changes they are going through.

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