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Screen Smarts: A Mum’s Guide to Navigating ASD Teens and Pornography

Hi there, Resilient Mums! Today, we’re delving into a delicate but important topic – navigating the tricky waters of pornography, especially when it comes to our ASD teens. Let’s tackle this with a blend of sensitivity, a dash of humour, and heaps of understanding.

Understanding the Draw: First up, let’s acknowledge that curiosity about sexuality is a normal part of teen development. For ASD teens, the internet can be a go-to source for answers, which sometimes leads them to pornography.

1. Open and Honest Conversations: Start with open, judgement-free discussions. It’s about creating a safe space where no question is too awkward.

2. Educate About Realism vs. Fantasy: Explain the difference between the fantasy world of pornography and the realities of healthy relationships. It’s like distinguishing a superhero movie from real life.

3. Discuss Consent and Respect: Talk about the importance of consent and respect in any relationship. It’s the foundation stone of understanding healthy interactions.

4. Internet Safety: Implement internet safety measures. Think of it as putting training wheels on a bike – it’s about safety, not restriction.

5. Encourage Healthy Outlets: Guide them towards healthier outlets for their curiosity and energy. Whether it’s sports, arts, or a new hobby, it’s all about positive redirection.

6. Professional Guidance: Don’t hesitate to seek help from a psychologist or therapist. Sometimes, a professional navigator is needed.

7. Understanding the ASD Perspective: Remember, ASD teens might process information differently. Keep explanations clear and concrete.

8. Monitor Screen Time: Keep an eye on internet usage. It’s not about spying; it’s about being aware.

9. Building Self-Esteem: Foster a strong sense of self-worth in your teen. Confident kids are better equipped to make healthy choices.

Conclusion: Mums, this journey might be bumpy, but with open dialogue, understanding, and a bit of mum wisdom, you can guide your ASD teen through this challenging but navigable part of growing up.

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